Urbanica Closes on 405 Washington Project

May 13, 2024

We have officially closed on our 405 Washington project and will continue with development as planned.

405 Washington will be an affordable and workforce homeownership  development. The building will contain thirteen condominium units. Nine on-site parking spaces are provided to help minimize the impact on local traffic. In addition, the two units on the first floor will have a live-work space that will provide commercial vitality to the community. It was also a focus of ours to hire minority contractors and services in order to have an equitable and community oriented workforce.

The project strives to meet the objective of creating mixed income affordable home ownership housing, while also reflecting the significance of Washington Street. Our goal is to build a project that is both contemporary and contextual. As part of our design process, we researched what was on the sight previously and found a residence with some architectural merit.  Based on a 1977 photograph, we were able to discern a front porch, gabled roof, dormers, as well as some external material details.  The project incorporates some of these design elements as a way to connect the history and legacy of the site with modern design and construction. 

This will continue our trend of producing ecologically conscience developments. The project will meet either Silver LEED standards by using a combination of sustainable construction strategies and a very high level of energy efficiency.

We’re extremely excited to proceed with this exciting endeavor.



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