Our Art Gallery: a creative hub for the community

We believe in the power of architecture to not only shape cities but also to foster creativity and community engagement. We are thrilled to announce our opening of our art gallery, a unique space situated in our lobby, dedicated to showcasing local talent and hosting a variety of community events.

Nestled within our architect agency’s modern and innovative lobby space, the Small Art Gallery represents our commitment to supporting the arts and providing a platform for emerging artists in the Boston area. This versatile and intimate venue has been thoughtfully designed to host art exhibitions and other events that promote artistic expression and collaboration.

we take immense pride in celebrating the rich artistic diversity of our community. With a rotating lineup of exhibits, we offer local artists an opportunity to display their work to a wider audience, connecting them with art enthusiasts, collectors, and potential collaborators. From contemporary paintings and sculptures to photography and mixed media, our art gallery is a dynamic space that constantly evolves with each new exhibition.

+ SKIN&BONES Photography Exhibition
We partnered with local artist and multimedia wiz Rafael Shabazz to bring a Photography and spoken word poetry event to the community of Roxbury. The visual works depicted the neighborhood and people that made him who his today. The spoken word was performed by a number of Boston based poets and  musicians. The poetry topics ranged from feminism, anti-colonization, spiritual, Boston life and much more. We saw a great turnout and incredible community support and plan on hosting more events like this in the future.

  + Supporting Iranian Women
At Urbanica, we find it important to support marginalized groups however way we can. Thats why we’ve made an effort to platform and promote female Iranian artists in multiple exhibitions. These artists are often unable to sell their work in their home country due to political reasons, so giving them a space to showcase their talents is invaluable  otherwise they go unseen. We’ll continue to support these freedom fighters as we go forward building the Boston creative community.

+ AFH Fellow Naijah Nine 
After a long hiatus, we partnered with Artist for Humanity fellow Naijah Nine, a visual artist focused depicted the struggles of the BIPOC community as well as her own gender identity. The Exhibition featured a variety of works ranging from paintings on wood planks to graphic design. This show marked the start of a new wave of collabortations focused on uplifting local artists.  

 + Film Screenings
We noticed that there weren’t any accessible options for a cinematic experience in Roxbury, so we decided to do something about it! We have started a film club focused on showing classics and hidden gems all for no cost, giving the community a space where they can come together and share the experience of cinema. Local filmmakers are also encouraged to use the club as an opportunity y to have their worked screened in front of a live audience. We’re excited to have this as an ongoing series that continues to serve the neighborhoods creative scene.

+ ROUTE 111 By George Annan
We partnered with local photographer George Annan to bring Route 111 to life. Route 111 is a photography exhibition focused on showcasing George’s journey in becoming at home with his new surroundings and discovery in his progression in life and as an artist. We saw the need for local artists to be given a platform and were amazed by the support and love shown by the community  as we saw a packed house for the show. We’re pumped for the future as we continue to work with and give exposure to talented artists like George.

Our upcoming exhibition, Subway Classics, features the mixed media mastery of the exceptionally talented Matthew Spire. This event has been in the making for almost a year now. Spire possesses a unique talent for infusing his canvases with the rhythm, grit and soul of urban living. The show is set for May 18th from 7-9pm and is something to behold in person.