Marcella Street Project Completed

May 13, 2024

We are proud to announce that our 120 Marcella Project has finished construction.

120 Marcella emerges as a groundbreaking residential project nestled in the heart of Roxbury, marking a new era for energy-efficient, sustainable living in Boston. Comprising four residential units, this development is not only a testament to thoughtful design but also a commitment to environmental responsibility and community inclusivity.

The project was designed with contextual sensitivity in mind, skillfully blending the old with the new to harmonize with the unique character of the neighborhood . A remarkable feature of 120 Marcella is its energy-efficient  nature, symbolizing a forward-looking approach to eco-friendly living. 

In addition to its environmental focus, we also prioritizes social responsibility. The construction process consciously involved the hiring of a minority workforce, contributing to the empowerment and diversification of the project. This dual commitment to environmental sustainability and social inclusivity positioned 120 Marcella as a revolutionary project, setting new standards for green living in Boston.

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