120 Hancock Project Construction Well Underway

May 13, 2024

We are happy to announce that the construction for our 120 Hancock project is underway and is proceeding smoothly.

“120 Hancock” stands as a transformative residential project in Dorchester, characterized by a commitment to affordability, inclusivity, and architectural harmony. The project features 15 condo units, all of which are designated as affordable, addressing the critical need for accessible housing options in the community.

Our vision goes beyond creating living spaces; it encompasses a broader commitment to fostering diversity and equity in the real estate market.

Architecturally, 120 Hancock draws inspiration from Dorchester’s iconic triple-deck homes, seamlessly blending the charm of the neighborhood’s historical architecture with a touch of contemporary flair. The design reflects a thoughtful approach to preserving the character of the community while introducing modern elements that contribute to the overall revitalization of the area. In essence, 120 Hancock will serve as a model for responsible and inclusive urban development, addressing housing needs and promoting equity in the real estate landscape of Dorchester.



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